Mir gusley

Russian Federation
Hall 5, 5B30
The Mir Gusley manufactory was founded in the village of Pushkino, Tver Region in 2012, and today it is one of the largest Russian gusli production facilities: the enterprise produces more than a thousand instruments a year, the number of models of which has reached 27 and is gradually increasing. The production lineup includes: - traditional gusli, made according to old patterns; - children's 6-8-string gusli; -modern instruments developed using modern acoustic technologies; - academic voiced pterygoid gusli with enhanced sound; - as well as covers for gusli and string sets. Along with the tool, buyers receive a basic video course of playing the gusli.
  • Acoustic guitars, other plucked instruments, accessories


Russian Federation, 170556, Pushkino, 170556, Tver region, Kalininsky district, Pushkino village, 23

Site: https://mirgusley.com