ETC - Electronic Theatre Controls GmbH

Russian Federation
Pav. 1, 1C04
A global leader in the manufacturing of lighting and rigging technology, ETC employs over 1200 people in 14 corporate offices around the world. ETC is proud of its industry reputation for unmatched technical and customer service, 24/7/365. And with a family of over 300 authorized service centers throughout the world, staffed by hundreds of certified technicians, customers are never far from an ETC resource with a face and a name. We develop professional tools and make them accessible to everyone. Our products are found in small and large venues worldwide, such as theatres, churches, restaurants, hotels, schools, television studios, casinos, theme parks, and opera houses.
  • Lighting technology
  • Specific accessories for lighting and stage technology



Germany, 83607, Holzkirchen, Ohmstraße 3

Phone: +49(802)44-7000