ED Cymbals

Russian Federation
Hall 5, 5A20
ED Cymbals is an enterprise that manufactures cymbals for drum kits, was founded in Nizhny Novgorod in 2010 by Dmitry Dukhan and Alexey Egorov. The company offers a wide range of drum iron. The plates are made of high quality Russian and German bronze. All products are made with our own hands, no stamped products are used in production. Hundreds of drummers across the country are already playing on ED Cymbals cymbals, as well as representatives of well-known musical groups, Elysium, FPG, 7000$, Slot, Yorsh, 7B, Plan Lomonosov and others. The company's products were highly appreciated by both visitors and participants of international exhibitions of musical instruments. ED Сymbals does not stop developing its production, improving product quality and expanding the range of products.
  • Percussion instruments, electronic drums, accessories


Site: www.edcymbals.com