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The ARCANUM Drum Company produces metal snare drums of unique construction and design. Author's, traditional and custom-made. Each series of ARCANUM Drum Company instruments was invented and developed by Alexey and Ilya Maenkov, the founders of the company. As a result, decks, rims, cars and logs - all major components are made in the ARCANUM workshop. The drums are made using titanium, brass, copper, stainless steel and aluminum. Quality materials, unique deck construction, reliable and comfortable mechanisms provide clear sound with a wide range of settings and ease of use. And additional tuning can be done with built-in gadgets: a damper and an internal snare. In addition, the ARCANUM workshop pays great attention to the design of tools. Colored coatings with nitride and titanium oxide, hand dyeing, engraving, patinating, creating 3D overlays - these are the main “tools” with the help of which truly beautiful specimens are created! The instruments of ARCANUM Drum Company are played by drummers of the national music scene, such as: Alexander Potapov ("Evening Urgant", "Basta", "Fruits", "VLT"), Peter Zakharov (Elena Vaenga, "Apple.sin"), Pavel Lokhnin ("OUTCAST", Ex. "KnyaZz"), Roman Petrosyan and many others. And also world stars: Thomas Pridgen (“The Mars Volta”, “Trash Talk”, Eros Ramazzotti, “The Memorials”), Chris “Daddy” Dave (D'Angelo, Meshell Ndegeocello, “Mint Condition”) and others.
  • Percussion instruments, electronic drums, accessories


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