Russian Federation
Hall 5, 5B15
Ajo Pickups is a Russian manufacturer of guitar pickups with a brilliant juicy sound that demonstrates the entire timbre of the instrument. The company was founded in 2019. Through many years of experience and research, a range of guitar pickups have been developed to deliver stunning polyphonic and clear sound. The pickup consists of separate coils for each string, which gives an accurate frequency response and reflects all the harmonic vibrations of the string and the nuances of the guitar sound. Guitar with “Ajo” pickups produces a transparent clear sound similar to that of an acoustic guitar, and at high gain, the sound becomes deep and clear.
  • Electric guitars and electric bass guitars, accessories



Russian Federation, 660125, Krasnoyarsk, Vodopyanova, 1d, 2-06

Phone: +7(950)404-80-66

Email: ajoinf@yandex.ru

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Site: www.ajopickups.ru

Site: www.ajoelectronics.com