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"Voronezh Factory of Musical Instruments AKKO" was founded in 1991 by the Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Avralev. Having preserved the best traditions of making musical instruments, the company has developed and implemented many of its own design ideas, which made it possible to talk about the uniqueness of the sound of AKKO instruments. Currently, the company is the largest manufacturer of all-bar accordions in Russia and the only manufacturer of all-bar accordions in the world. The factory produces more than 60 models of button accordions and accordions from children to professional ones. The lineup is designed in such a way that a child, and later an older performer, when changing a small instrument to a large one, does not experience the inconvenience associated with addiction. In the manufacturing process, the individual wishes of the customer are also taken into account: range, number of chin registers, borin fur, body color, voice tuning (unison, spill), 6 or 8 voice bass, neck B or C, presence of mute, etc. ... The company is constantly working to create a modern design. Instruments are being improved acoustically and constructively, taking into account the trends of modern performance.
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Russian Federation, 394005, Voronezh, st. Vladimir Nevsky, 39a

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