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Delivery to cultural, scientific and educational institutions: theaters, concert halls, philharmonic societies, exhibitions, houses of culture, schools, hotels, sanatoriums and sports institutions of special textiles with factory fire-prevention treatment and a certificate up to 12 meters wide for the manufacture of stage decorations, curtains, fire-safe curtains, protective fire and projection screens, sound-absorbing and opaque curtains. Finishing stage clothes, curtains, curtains, backdrops, paddings and rugs and tour packaging for transportation. Digital printing on stage linoleum with a thickness of 2 mm and a width of 200 cm of complex and geometric design with high resolution. Digital printing on stage seamless materials: mesh, tulle, shark tooth, no tiger, 100% cotton canvas with a density of 70 -: - 200 -: - 300 -: - 400 g / m2 and up to 12 meters wide and up to 50 meters long. Supply and dyeing of metal fabric for the manufacture of stage clothing and various light and fire effects. Supply of natural fabrics and tulles for stage costumes, hats and wigs. Supply of materials and products for fake purposes. Printing of a pattern on fabric on both sides at the same time and production of stage backdrops using the latest technology MORNING / DAY / EVENING / NIGHT with a maximum canvas size of 12 m * 50 m. Allows you to create 4 times of day on the stage without replacing the main decoration. We supply technical fabrics and nets for hanging applications, with a mesh of 30 * 30 mm and 40 * 40 mm, measuring 16 m in height and up to 100m in width. +74995793012 +79037924144
  • Stage technology and truss systems


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