Artist Monitors

Russian Federation
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Artist Monitors is a Russian company for the production of anatomical in-ear monitors, earplugs and accessories for musicians and sound engineers, based in St. Petersburg. One of the first companies in Russia, which in 2014 launched a number of models of custom earphones of its own design into serial production. During her work, she has established herself as a reliable manufacturer of quality products among artists of the Russian stage and the CIS countries: Alisa, KINO, The Hatters, Svetlana Surganova, Concord Orchestra, Alexander Potapov (Evening Urgant), Sergey Arutyunov, Evgeny Malimanov, Dmitry Piven, Alex Freidenberger , Amaria, Alexander Showa and Nepara, Night Snipers, Mikhail Shilov (Cartoons), Grotto, Animals (Kirill Afonin, Vyacheslav Zarubov, German Osipov), Reds'cool, Roman Sadyrbaev (Vaenga) and many others. Artist Monitors is attentive to its customers, so every year it improves the build quality and sound quality, applying new materials, components and experience in the production of headphones and hearing protection. The sound of the models is developed based on the needs of the musicians. The artist can choose the best monitor model for his tasks, in which he will comfortably and clearly hear the whole mix, each instrument separately and control his playing.
  • Accessories general
  • Sound-recording, audio/video, software


Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg, Zarechnaya str., 45, 1/1

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